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Practical Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Brave

Honestly, there is always something strange about fear. It makes us wonder to experience things that might even are not real sometimes. And when it comes to children, their level of anxiety and fear can drastically shape their personalities.

They get to experience unusual things, such as monsters, and develop everyday worries like being scared of the loud sound of thunder. They might even imagine a creature that is hiding under the bed or behind the closet, keeping an eye on them.

Having such fear is completely fine, but we, as parents, should demonstrate and teach our kids to be brave. Why? Because a courageous child is one who fearlessly confronts their anxieties rather than one who does not experience fear. When confronted with specific situations like falling asleep alone or the loud sound of thunder, brave youngsters feel mild to moderate fear and can deal independently with such problems, similar to Stacey, the adorable child in Angels Around Me.

If you're a parent who wants to instill courage in your child, keep reading to learn different strategies:

Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Brave

It doesn't take a magical occurrence inside children to make them "not afraid" and be courageous. It is an internal process that allows children to overcome feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and fear in order to take action. Sometimes courage is only required for a few seconds - just long enough to be brave enough. And we, as responsible parents, should encourage and help our children to unlock this trait. Here are some ways to promote bravery and courage in children:

Ask Them What They Fear

Sometimes children are unable to tell you what they might fear. But, you can help them to convey their thoughts. Ask your children about the thing they fear the most. Their answers could be something like this:

● Mommy, there is a monster under my bed

● There is a monster inside the closet

● I am scared of thunder

After realizing and addressing their fears, it is the perfect time to teach and guide them that there is no such thing as monsters and that they are brave enough to face their fears. You can help them by telling a story of a spirited child or teaching them something to manage their every day worries.

Angels Around Me is a compelling story, especially for children who might need more bravery. The book narrates a beautiful account of a little girl, Stacey, who is afraid and scared of the monsters and cannot sleep. One day, her mother teaches her a magical song that makes it possible for her to eliminate such fears and be confident. The song has the following lyrics:

“There are Angels all around me,

and they are keeping me safe.

There are Angels all around me,

by the hand of God, keeping me safe.”

Set a Good Example

The most crucial thing you can do to raise fearless kids is to set an example for them. Children learn knowledge through watching. They begin imitating what they observe in adults and even other children around them at a very young age. It's how babies pick even the most fundamental skills, like standing up or feeding themselves. Children turn to others for models of how they should act and behave even as they become older. Therefore, it is essential to model courage and bravery in front of children to help them understand and develop what and how to be confident and fearless.

Challenges and Appreciate

Naturally, we always want to keep our children safe and protected. However, we must also consistently push children to overcome their fears and attempt new things in order for them to be brave. Examples include participating in a new sport, speaking in front of the class, or trying a new dish. Make sure to show them plenty of love and appreciation after they take the initiative to perform these kinds of activities so they are motivated enough to challenge themselves a little more the next time when they encounter anything unusual.

Deliver The Strength To Reach Out

Children who are courageous will resist peer pressure and grow up to be the kind of grownups that society really needs. They will approach the lonely kid in the lunchroom or encourage and make friends with the kid who is struggling because of a disability. This kind of bravery is maybe the most powerful in the world our kids live in on a daily basis. Wouldn't you be pleased if your child was the courageous one who dared to spread the good? Therefore, it is important that you promote and encourage your child to help and assist others in need, and help them to explore and reach out to them, who really needs a hug, or an inspiration to share like Angels Around Me to be courageous.

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