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Tips To Help Your Child Manage Their Fears

Mommy, mommy, is there a monster inside the closet?

Children are adorable. All they do is play, jump, smile, laugh, and sometimes fear. Fear is a part of life, and being a kid means fear of various things, like the loud sound of thunder or a monster under the bed.

Whatever may be the reason behind fear, parents should guide their children towards a fearless path, a way to deal with and manage fears independently.

And this article will highlight possible tips to help your children address their possible fears.

Communicate With your Children

Kids might know what is troubling them but somehow cannot find words to describe what they are scared of. Asking specific and open-ended questions can help. Communicate with your kids about the problem. For example, if your child is afraid of thunder, you could ask, “What makes thunder scary?” Is it the sound or the lightning? Once you have a better understanding, you can then work through it.

Move on

Once you know about the possible fear factor, it is time to move on. Take your kids and their fears seriously. Instead of saying, “it wasn’t that scary,” try to accommodate them by saying, “what is making you scared?” And once you offer them the benefit of the doubt, it is time to work on the possible solutions to manage their fears. You can try following these possible ways to deal with your children’s fears:

● Sit with your child, and tell them there is nothing to worry about. You are there to help them and overcome their fears. You both can work together and fight the monster!

● Read some good books like Angels Around Me, which will assist your kids in dealing with their fears. The book has beautiful illustrations and a fascinating storyline that will boost your child’s confidence and help them manage their worries with the help of God and angels.

● Please work with your child, list situations or things that cause fear and trouble, and try to encounter them one at a time in a decent manner.

● Boost your child’s thinking capacity. Tell them about the reality. Guide them about the monster on the TV is an animation made for entertainment, not harm.

Break The Fear Into Smaller Pieces

aking on fear all at once can be overwhelming for children. Kids are more likely to believe what they see and have been through, and taking small steps to boost their confidence to tackle fear is an essential detail. Maybe your child is scared to play in one room while you work in another. Try to accommodate them by setting small steps. Agree to them being on their own while playing or doing schoolwork starting from thirty minutes; as your kid gets used to it, you can increase the period to help them achieve self-resilience.

Cheer And Appreciate your Child

Your child might take more time to adjust than others, as every kid is unique and has their strength. However, when your child faces fear, let them know that you are there to cheer them up and are 100% proud. Encourage them, and celebrate their minor achievement by bringing them a small present or candy. This act of yours will help them to work further on their fears, resulting in an improved and confident personality.

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