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Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

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In the course of working with students across various disciplines, Claire Odogbo realized that many students have problems with their studies because they do not understand the basic principles of learning. Most teenagers and young adults in our schools and institutions of higher learning do not know how to learn. They are used to simply memorizing things without understanding them, and then providing the memorized information as their answers to relevant questions asked in tests and examinations. Such a learning method creates a very weak foundation for true learning and development, as it does nothing to improve the learner. Learning to Learn is an attempt to correct this problem and aid those who really wish to learn, along the path of true learning, to attain self-development and higher achievements in life. This manual is designed as a handbook for the person who wants to be a more effective learner. Anyone who wishes to benefit from it must constantly refer to it in order to effectively implement the principles and ideas presented herein. This work is designed for easy reading and comprehension by persons in the seventh grade and higher, hence the author has refrained from delving too deep into the intricacies involved in learning.

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