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Principles for Living

Principles for Living

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Ahead of us lies the future like a road stretching into the distance. Along that road are hopes and dreams we wish to accomplish, assignments we hope to finish, and goals we desire to attain. To realize our aspirations in life, we must understand that mere 'wishing' can only get us nowhere. A thorough understanding of principles that evoke a sequence of positive events in life is inevitable. Nowadays, young men and women go through life with zero morals, culture, diligence, and focus. They hope to accomplish their goals by luck or sheer stroke of coincidence. They expect everything they desire to fall into place at once. Unable to figure out why they have to endure for a while, their untamed passion for success lights up the sky with blazes of anxiety, instant achievements, and material aggrandizement. Sustained growth in life is not about the big initiative, but about habits, principles, mindset, and process. Sadly today, the mainstream of people in various strata of the societal divide are thrown into a frenzied state of despair as a result of ignorance and total neglect of how these laws or principles work. This book is an adapted compilation of previous articles that I have written for publication in the peninsula Newspaper (an English daily newspaper in Qatar) over a two-year period. The emphasis in this book is not only on self-development but also on spiritual illumination and progress. It offers a healthy reading for every section of our society. I wrote this book in such a reader-friendly style so that people from diverse denominational construct, religious background and social standing can easily relate with the context of the messages embedded in the stories that follow.

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