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Unleashing The Fearless HeroHow To Help Your Child To Embrace Fear And Be More Confident

In a nutshell, fear is a strong, primal emotion that develops in response to perceived threats or dangers. It is a natural reaction that sets off physiological and psychological responses to defend us against harm. Fear can appear as an uneasy, anxious, or dreadful sensation frequently accompanied by physical symptoms like a faster heartbeat, sweating, and increased alertness. It can be a logical reaction to actual threats or an irrational reaction to hypothetical ones. In terms of our thoughts, deeds, and decision-making, fear has the ability to both inspire and paralyze. In the end, fear serves as a mechanism for survival, but if it is not recognized and effectively managed, it can also constrain our potential and impede personal development.


Therefore, it is critical to understand and treat fear when possible. While it may be simple for us adults to face our fears and remain silent, this may not always be the case for kids. A study found that approximately 90% of kids experience at least one major phobia while they are growing up. Fears of the dark, monsters, animals, parental separation, and imaginary creatures are frequent ones. Not only are these common fears capable of limiting your children's potential, but they also could harm their mental and physical well-being for a long.


Take an example of Stacey in “Angels Around Me,” for instance. Stacey is a sweet little girl who is terrified of things like monsters in the closet and ghouls under the bed. She also experiences extreme anxiety and freezes when she hears distant thunderclaps or notices a tree's shadow moving in the wind on her window. However, one day her mother came to her as a rescue. She teaches Stacy a magical song that would sweep her fears away. Since then, Stacey has discovered that she only needs to start singing the enchanted song "Angels Around Me" in order to get rid of every monster and common fear in her existence.


“There are Angels all around me,

and they are keeping me safe.

There are Angels all around me,

by the hand of God, keeping me safe.”


—as stated in Angels Around Me by Claire Odogbo


While calming songs like "Angels Around Me" can be an excellent option to help manage young children overcome common fears, there are many other tried-and-true methods you can also try to enable your children further to be more resilient and fearless. Continue reading to learn more:


How To Help Your Child To Be Fearless?


Lead by Example: Kids are keen observers and learn best by copying what their parents do. Therefore, it is a good idea to step outside your comfort zone to demonstrate to your child what it means to face your fears. Share your personal stories of overcoming fear and the positive effects it has had on your life. By seeing how brave you are, your children will feel inspired to do the same and be more brave and confident.


Create an Environment That Is Safe for Expression: Fear frequently arises from a fear of failure or rejection. Try to create an atmosphere where your child feels comfortable sharing their worries and fears without fear of being judged. Encourage open communication, careful listening, and sympathetic responses. By doing this, you can encourage a more wholesome and nurturing environment where your child can learn and embrace their fears, leading to greater resilience and the growth of emotional intelligence.


Encourage Your Child to Take Calculated Risks: It may seem contradictory, but encouraging your child to take calculated risks can help them become more confident and brave. Encourage your kids to take on challenges, try out new things, and discover their interests. Be their champion, providing encouragement and direction all the way through. Honor their efforts and teach them that failure is merely a stepping stone on the path to development and success.


Teach Self-Reflection and Mindfulness: Fear frequently results from worrying about the future or dwelling on unpleasant memories. Introduce your child to the benefits of reflection and mindfulness. Help them realize that irrational thoughts frequently underlie fear and that they have the power to confront and conquer these thoughts. Teach them methods to develop a tranquil and fearless mindset, such as deep breathing, visualization, and having faith in themselves by singing a mighty song such as Angels Around Me, or repeating positive affirmations.


Create a Growth Mindset: Promote an attitude of growth in your child by emphasizing that abilities and skills are something that can be gained through effort and persistence. Teach them that setbacks are not an indication of failure but rather an opportunity for growth and self-reflection. By fostering a growth mindset, you can give your kid the tenacity and resolve they need to overcome any challenge.


Introduce Them to New Experiences: Introduce your child to a range of new experiences that will challenge them and take them outside of their comfort zones. Travel, outdoor excursions, cultural pursuits, or even registering them for new courses or organizations such as cooking or music lessons are a few good examples. Exposing them to the unfamiliar can aid in their development of adaptability, self-assurance, and a fearless outlook toward the unexpected life. 


Positive Self-Talk: Encourage your child to use positive self-talk by demonstrating its effectiveness to them. Aid them in identifying and combating their negative thoughts by substituting empowering and uplifting affirmations and listening to encouraging and uplifting tunes. Remind them of their strength, capability, and right to success and why having a positive outlook and being kind is important. They will become more confident and develop a fearless attitude toward life's challenges as a result of this encouraging self-talk and a more positive outlook.


Teaching your child to overcome fear is a transformative journey that takes time, love, and unwavering support. By leading by example, creating a scene of purpose, and being a true support, you can encourage and help your children to be fearless and more brave. So that they will face life's challenges with assurance, pursue their aspirations unafraid, and encourage others to do the same. Read “Angels Around Me to help your children to learn these tactics from a very young age. The remarkable book is available on Amazon for purchase.

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